Love What You

I love designing websites. Especially now using the page builder Elementor on top of WordPress. Sure I can design a site for you between €2.5k to €5k but I can teach you to do it yourself for a €100. Or you can just watch the videos and go it entirely alone. It's not difficult. If you can use a word processor you are halfway there. What you do need is imagination. Oh and a bit of courage to try things and make mistakes.

Whatever you do love what you do.

(all links open in a new tab) I have 43 gTLDs (global Top Level Domains - dot com, net org etc) and my favourites at the moment are http://JustBetweenYouAnd.Me and both with their own characteristics. Have a look at templates but I prefer at the moment constructing them myself. One fear is that your website will look the same as everyone else's but that shouldn't happen. I have 43 different designs for all my domains, borrowing a bit sometimes. You can see my home site Stop Press:

Yes, when I first got involved with the Internet In 1996 and became an ISP in 1998 I knew it was The Next Big Thing, it had been brewing since the 1950s and was just waiting to come up with the tech to make it happen. Thanks, Tim Berners-Lee! And where do we go from here? We are already augmented who would have dreamed the take-up and ubiquitousness of the mobile phone ten years ago. We have the Internet 24/7 in our hands. The next big thing could be YOU! (if you want a bit of insight into where we are at, have a look at )